Sonntag, 22. März 2015

In love with Hamburg


                                                                               Jeans: G-Star Raw
                                                                                   Scarf: Zara
                                                                      Ancle Boots: somewhere in Munich
                                                                            Leather Jacket: Zara
                                                                                West: Primark
                                                                                   Hat: H&M




Just 3 weeks ago I went on a big city trip with my bestie Kerstin from Sweden which I still know from London. We started in Berlin and Hamburg, spent a few days in Amsterdam and then set off to Stockholm. Four fantastic cities, four inspiring fashion sources and I couldn`t tell which one I liked the most. I fell in love with all of them. Suddenly!
It was my first time in Hamburg and I was really excited to go there. Unfortunately we weren`t that lucky with the weather but I`m sure that I`ll come back in the summer anyways. We spent the first day at the beautiful harbour and on the beach watching the big ships going in and out the port.
It was quite windy as you can see on my third picture, but still a lovely day.
More about Hamburg and all its fantastic stores in my next post!
Wish you all a lazy and cozy sunday afternoon!
xx Lena

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