Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Look of the day #1: Back in the streets

jeans: American Apparel
beanie: somewhere in London
ancle Boots: somewhere in Munich
chemise: H&M
Shirt: H&M
bag: Urban Outfitters

Today my Look-of-the-day-series starts. From now on I try to post my daily outfits more often and I`m quite excited about it. So here is my first outfit: nothing extraordinary but I like the comfiness about it. My grey shirt is by the way my most loved piece of the world.
I know the beanie looks super-hipster but I bought it in London during my six months stay last year and that`s why I still can`t divest myself from it... There are just a few clothes in my wardrobe which I never could get rid of just because of the memory that is associated with it forever.
The bag from Urban Outfitters is only 5 days old and I love it already. I`m quite sure it will accompany me for a long time...
I`m sorry for my bad describing but unfortunately I have no idea where I get the beanie or the shoes exactly. And I`m not really sure which photo editor I like more..:)
xx Lena

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