Mittwoch, 2. November 2016

Fashion Week Berlin


                                                                ** Outfit day #1**

                                                                **Premium Berlin**


                                                         ** Impressions of SEEK Berlin**

** chilling outside the SEEK**

Barcelona oh Barcelona!!

** view from restaurant**

**Partyoutfit #1 **


**impressions from the first party at W-Hotel**

** best conference team **

**Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona**

 **partyoutfit #2**

**impressions of the Emma Gala**

**Partyoutfit #3**


**MACBA -Plaça dels Àngels**

A big thank you to my wonderful friend Sandra which organised the amazing "ERA-conference" 2016 in Barcelona. While helping with managing the conference and organising dinner- and party events for the nights, it was so pleasant to stay in Juan Carlos Fairmont Hotel. Staying in a 5 stars Hotel was so special to me. I passed such a great week at the conference with incredibly nice guests and a the perfect opportunity to present all my chic wardrobe. As I`ve already seen the main spots of Barcelona itself last summer and because of a lack of time, I really enjoyed the last day which I could spent with my friend Alex who is doing his Erasmus in Barcelona at MACBA-placa. Such a cool place to hang out, lots of Skaters and inspiring young people there... This time I finally fell in love with this city and will definitely come back one day!