Samstag, 8. März 2014

Winter sun

 coat: topshop
belt: mango 

                                               high heels: h&m
                                                   pants: mango
                                                  purse: h&m 
                                       grey shirt: american apparell
                                                 chain: primark

When the winter sun shines, I`m more happier than ever. This is the perfect match for me: grey and black and gold. The golden accessoires like the belt from mango, the chain from primark or the handles of the purse are like statements on the outfit and work as eye-catcher. At the moment I really like the golden chain because with it you can enhance every outfit, so I`m pretty sure you will see it more often the next time. In my mind you need some basics like this grey shirt or the black purse which fits to almost everything. Also the chain as a basic accessoire is absolutely essential. So enough talk. I wish you a beautiful weekend, enjoy the sun :)
xx Lena