Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Mixing and tricking

                                                                                 top: h&m
                                                                            jeggins: primark
                                                                        shoes: tommy hilfiger
                                                                              coat: asos
                                                                              1st bag: h&m
                                                                       2nd bag: accessorize
                                                                            neclace: zara

Now it`s definitively time for a post again. It`s one of my absolute favourite outfits because of its comfiness and coolness at the same time. If it`s too cold I just put on my lovely coat from asos which is in my opinion really beautiful. It was totally worth its 107 Euros. I always try to mix expensive brands and cheap brands like Tommy Hilfiger sneakers with a primark jeggins. Nobody knows and I don`t really care if it`s not that good quality at Primark. It`s a super good price and whenever this jeggins is broken, I have to replace it which is not really a big problem ;) I don`t blame somebody for only going shooping at Primark or H&M, I think they really have some nice pieces. Almost every time I go to H&M I always find at least one thing. I`m sure some of you do so, too. I hope you`re all fine. 
One week ago I started my internship at Vision Media, it`s a big publisher for lots of magazines like "Jolie", my absolute favourite magazines of all. It`s like my dream job to work there and meet all these amazing people and make great new experiences. I try to post now more often and I really try to give my best to keep you in the loop. 
Have a beautiful week.
xx Lena

Freitag, 4. April 2014



it was a very spontaneous decision to go to Riga. First of all you surely ask, why the hell Riga? And where the hell is Riga at all? It`s in Latvia :) I didn`t know it before that trip, too. But it`s a really nice city to visit. Since a few years it got more and more famous and now it became even the European Cultural Capital of the year 2014. But still Riga is quite not touristy with only 690 000 inhabitans and that`s really enjoyable, almost all the streets and popular places were quite and not too overcrowded. Compared to Paris or Venezia I really enjoyed this silence.
The whole trip started when I read about Riga and found a really cheap flight to the city. So after two weeks my best girlfriend and me, we booked a hostel and our flights. After all we must say it was a great trip.
So the most important and beautiful places for me are definitely the oldtown with all its beautiful little colorful houses, including the Riga City Council, the Riga castle, the Livu place and the freedom monument. What I really can consider you is the breathtaking view from St. Peters Church, the first three pictures are made there. But also you have to go to "Alberta iela" and "Elisabetes iela" where you can find the largest and finest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world (!). For culture freaks it` s the dream but also for young people there is a lot to see. 
The oldtown with all its nice and comfy pubs and bars is great for the evenings and at the port there are two absolutely fancy restaurants which are also cool clubs the later the night. They`re called "Aqua Luna" and "Koya". For good traditional latvian food and a nice atmosphere you have to go to "Lido" , found at almost every corner in Riga. For one day it`s worth going to "Jurmala", the Baltic Sea relaxation place at the beach and you don`t have to be afraid because of the money, Riga is still quite cheap... a beer is only 3 € and a ticket for the train sometimes only 1 €. I loved it!!!
For shooping Riga is not that perfect but they have a lot shooping galleries with nice shops f. ex. Zara, Mango, H&M, Bershka or PullandBear, so you`re not completely lost.
There is this funny fact that there are twice as much latvian girls than boys and while walking through the big parks or in the evenings in the pubs you can really see the very stylish and pretty girls who all try to look the best for catching one of the rare male specimen. 
The weather was also not that bad as expected, it was nice and warm so I just can recommend a weekend-trip to this beautiful little city, especially in the summer when all the nice rooftop bars are open. I hope I could inspire some of you.

Have a lovely weekend. 
xx Lena