Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Mixing and tricking

                                                                                 top: h&m
                                                                            jeggins: primark
                                                                        shoes: tommy hilfiger
                                                                              coat: asos
                                                                              1st bag: h&m
                                                                       2nd bag: accessorize
                                                                            neclace: zara

Now it`s definitively time for a post again. It`s one of my absolute favourite outfits because of its comfiness and coolness at the same time. If it`s too cold I just put on my lovely coat from asos which is in my opinion really beautiful. It was totally worth its 107 Euros. I always try to mix expensive brands and cheap brands like Tommy Hilfiger sneakers with a primark jeggins. Nobody knows and I don`t really care if it`s not that good quality at Primark. It`s a super good price and whenever this jeggins is broken, I have to replace it which is not really a big problem ;) I don`t blame somebody for only going shooping at Primark or H&M, I think they really have some nice pieces. Almost every time I go to H&M I always find at least one thing. I`m sure some of you do so, too. I hope you`re all fine. 
One week ago I started my internship at Vision Media, it`s a big publisher for lots of magazines like "Jolie", my absolute favourite magazines of all. It`s like my dream job to work there and meet all these amazing people and make great new experiences. I try to post now more often and I really try to give my best to keep you in the loop. 
Have a beautiful week.
xx Lena

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