Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

                                                                                                                             coat: Zara
                                                                                                                             chain: Zara
                                                                                                                           jeggins: Primark
                                                                                                                      shoes:Urban Outfitters
                                                                                                                            bag: h&m


For a beautiful day like today, this outfit is perfect. You can easily wear a warm coat in the shadow, but it`s still warm in the sun without it. I spent this day in Munich and got so much new inspiration there. I know I`m posting a lot at the moment, but these days are just perfect to shoot some pics. What I really like about this outfit is its nonchalance and its coolness. You will never be overdressed while wearing such a comfy and stylish coat. The boots from Urban Outfitters are also one of my absolute favourites at the moment, you can combine them to almost everything. 
So hopefully you had a nice sunny day, too. See you soon
xx Lena

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